Datasets and Documentation from Selected Articles and Projects

Note: Please see my State Ideology page for datasets and documentation related to our research on state citizen and government ideology.

Fording, Richard C., and William D. Berry. 2007.  The Historical Impact of Welfare Programs on Poverty in the American States. Policy Studies Journal 35(1): 37-60. (Unpublished Appendix)

Berry, William D., Richard C. Fording, Russell L. Hanson. 2000.  An Annual Cost of Living Index for the American States, 1960-1995. The Journal of Politics, Vol. 62, No. 2 (May), pp. 550-567. (Unpublished appendix and latest version of state cpi, 1960-2007)

Fording. Richard C. 2001.  The Political Response to Black Insurgency: A Critical Test of Competing Theories of the State. The American Political Science Review, Vol. 95, No. 1 (Mar.), pp. 115-130. (Insurgency data)

Yates, Jeff, and Richard C. Fording. 2005.  Politics and State Punitiveness in Black and White.  The Journal of Politics 67 (4), 1099-1121. (Unpublished appendix)

Berry, William D., Richard C. Fording, Russell L. Hanson. 2003. Reassessing the Race to the Bottom in State Welfare Policy. The Journal of Politics, Volume 65,2 (May), pp. 327-349. (ICPSR download page)

Berry, William D., and Richard C. Fording. 1997. “Measuring State Tax Capacity and Effort,” with William D. Berry. 1997. Social Science Quarterly, 78:158-66. (ICPSR Download page)

Various datasets on 25 Western Democracies (see HeeMin Kim’s datasets page)