State Ideology Data

 The links on this page provide data and documentation related to the state citizen and government ideology measures originally reported in:

William D. Berry, Evan J. Ringquist, Richard C. Fording, Russell L. Hanson. 1998.   Measuring Citizen and Government Ideology in the American States, 1960-93.  American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 42, No. 1 (Jan.), pp. 327-348.

Updated Measures of Citizen and Government Ideology

(Last Updated 06/18/2018)*

Our Exchange with Enns and Koch

Replication Data from Previous Publications

Nominate Version of State Government Ideology, 1960-2004  (From 2010 SPPQ Article)

Data & Documentation for Original Measures of Citizen and Gov’t Ideology (1960-93):

  •  Original Citizen and Government Ideology Measures, 1960-1993 (download)
  • Unpublished Supplement to 1998 AJPS article (download)
  • Replication dataset and documentation for citizen and government ideology measures reported in 1998 AJPS article (download)
  • Data and documentation necessary to replicate analyses presented in Table 1 of the AJPS article (download)

*For information concerning previously released updates of the citizen and government ideology scores (including data requests), please contact Richard Fording, University of Alabama.